Scalloped Valances for Marie and Josh


Marie and Josh are great.  Their house is set back on an amazing piece of property, I mean just look at that backyard! Josh helped me put up the bay window valance even though I desperately wanted to put it up myself and make them walk into their kitchen HGTV surprise style.  They are the best sports ever, I hope to work with them again. Despite the intimidation of scallops below are simple instructions that should take the fear out of approaching a scalloped sewing project, and you can see how easy this look comes together.

Deterimine the height of your valance and add 2 inches.  These valances were to be 18" when finished so I cut 20" strips.  Cut your strips being cognoscente of the pattern repeat.  Meaning if you need to join more than one width together you'll need to cut it at the repeat, so if the repeat is 27", cut 27" strips even if you only need 20", you'll have to waste the other 7" inches.

If your valances will require more than 54" inches in width, join the strips, matching the pattern if need be, to get the size widths you need. I was making three valances one was 60" finished, 80" finished, and 128" finished.

Take the time to make you scallop template, out of tissue or another fabric.  Taking into account where the peaks of the scallops will fall. You may want to custom cut the scallops to really fit the space you are making it for. I decided an 11" scallop repeat would work for the space I was working with.

I started from the middle of each valance and worked my way out.  By folding the whole length of the panel in half and placing your template from the fold outward to the end of the length you'll ensure your scallop's symmetry. I add 1 1/2" to the length needed that will be folded back to form a clean side so cut the 1 1/2" flush with the part of the scallop you end.

Next cut strips of lining.  I like to use blackout lining for valances. so I cut strips of 20" blackout and pinned right sides together. Then stitched with a 5/8th seam allowance along the scalloped edge.

at the edges fold back the lining and the feature fabric an 1 1/2"

Then I cut off the excess lining so the blackout lining and scallops were the same shape, you could have done this prior to stitching the layers together but I find it easier to do so after stitching.

Then clip clip clip all those curves.


On the right side of the fabric under stitch the clipped seam allowance, of both the feature fabric and lining to the lining

This is what the under stitching should look like

When folded the understitching should see to it that the lining pulls to the underside an the scallops should now lay flat, that ever important clipping made that work.

Cut off one inch of the top of JUST the lining

The lining is now 1" smaller than the feature fabric stitch the top together with a 5/8th seam allowance.

Now turn the whole valance right side out. Split the difference between the top and the hem so you see a bit of feature fabric at the top and bottom on the back side.  Pin all over so it stays in place while you straight stitch the rod pocket. 

Hand stitch closed the side of the valance(s) from the rod pocket to the hem. You're done sewing! now install :)


This one is on a tension rod

These two are on 5" bali rods