A Banner for Hadley

I was thrilled when Robyn asked me to make a banner for her sweet little Hadley.  This was the first name banner I had the honor of putting together, but hopefully not the last.  Here is how it all came together. . .

Hadley's nursery has grey walls and hints of mint green and light pink, so this was my palate inspiration.

Hadley's bedding is this ultra chic and feminine Colette collection from Serena and Lily.  I took most of my inspiration for the accents and details from the bumper.  The hints of matte gold helped me select the ribbon for the top and the gentle oval shape inspired the rounded shape of each pendant.  The mix of geometry, loops and dots, are what inspired the two coordinating prints you see in my color palate picture. 

I did some math on how big the overall banner should be, about 7' with 6 letters about 3" appart, etc.  I went with each pendant about 6" by 10" and decided to alternate the colors.

Then I layered a block of the print in the alternating colors on top.  The block is about 5" by 7"

Using spray glue, I adhered the pendants to a white felt backing and then the block on top of the pendant

Then using mircosoft word, sorry to burst your bubble if you thought I was that good at cutting out letters free hand, I found a good rounded font and printed the letters out big enough to fit in the blocks and cut them out of a solid grey twill. 

And back to spray glue those letters down, and let it dry!

Now that the spray glue has dried I cut them all out

Now I have some nice and sturdy pendants ready to be hot glued to a ribbon

I unrolled the ribbon and laid the pendants facedown and hot glued them 1/2" up and about 3" apart leaving 1' a either side

I took some 18" strip, cut a little shorter and a little longer for some depth, and staggered them on top of each other

Then hot glued the strips together in an overlapping manner at the top

Again using the hot glue made two loop, one large to form the bow and another that wrapped around the middle for the bow-center

Hot glued those fabric strips on top of the end of the long ribbon with the pendants on it

Then hot glueded the bows on top of that to neatly finish it

Behind the bows I used two spare drapery ring clips I had but you could use any small loop, wire or even a paper clip to make a hook. Then simply hit two nails into the wall and hang the loops on the nails. Et Voila!