The 2 Dwarfs

Need to make an adorable but practical Halloween costume for baby.  Follow these simple steps and you can make a little Dwarf/Gnome Hat and beard set!


Take a few measurements:

Around Baby's head, all the way from the crown of head under chin and back up.

Measure around top of head.

These guys were 22" around, then 17" on top of their heads.



Cut two hat pieces this bottom measurement  for the opening is 9" for a total of 18" which you'll lose a bit of in seam allowance. Also cut a circle with the circumference  of your "top of head" measurement. And cut a length of elastic to the measurement of the "around the head."

Then cut two beard pieces, one about 9" down to a point and about 6 or 7" inches in length, and a second one about 7" down to a point and about 3 or 4 long.


Find the center of the elastic, zig-zag or knit stitch the beard pieces on to the elastic.  Then overlapping the elastic slightly stitch them to the top of head circle you cut.


Stitch around the hat, leaving the bottom open, roll up the extra fabric to form a plush brim and hot glue the rolled brim to the hat so it doesn't unroll. Stuff it with a little bit of polyfil.


Hot glue the little wrinkles just with a bead of glue and pinch them, I liked these pinches at the back of the hat but you could pinch it so it arcs forward.

Then hot glue the top of head circle to the sides of the hat, keeping the poly-fil in place.

Et voila!

Lisa ChillComment